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diagnostic discovery
The transformational process involves understanding the situation through discussion and discovery. Within the INTERCHANGE Exchange discussion is encouraged in a systematic, collaborative, problem-solving, decision-making model  It is through this dialogue and understanding that “Knowledge in Action” is created.
Throughout the process and with the help of our proprietary yet simple discovery models you will explore ideas, validate solutions and make decisions. If required we organize breakout exchanges, where you are surrounded by a High Performance Team (HPT) of entrepreneurs, advisors and mentors all with intimate understanding of the situation, so that we may dig deeper to find breakthrough ideas.


The 90-day prescription focuses energy on those solutions that can deliver more immediate results as it relates to your company, whether it is operationally, strategically or financially. 
We often use our STRATECUTION
, BRAND BLUEPRINTING or SPRINT2MARKET methodologies, however this is not a predefined or linear approach. In fact this process is not like anything you may have experienced before.

The toughest part of any plan or strategy is executing in a timely and cost-effective manner. For this reason we offer entrepreneurs within our community access to resources that are ready to go.  A High Performance Team is assembled based on the needs identified in the diagnostic discovery and the prescribed solutions identification.
The HPT is equipped to move quickly because in most cases the infrastructure is already in place. Over the course of 20 years we have identified the areas that are consistently identified by entrepreneurs as causing frustration.  The High Performance Team concept was developed to provide entrepreneurs access to Human Capital with specialized skills that can bridge the gap and seize the opportunity.

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