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INTERCHANGE provides entrepreneurial leaders with an opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and transform this thinking into results. At INTERCHANGE, Knowledge is our currency and Knowledge in Action is our commitment - Ideas that move from concept to reality as a result of the INTERCHANGE exchange. The thrust of the INTERCHANGE concept is a process that enables leaders to explore new ways of thinking about their business.  When you participate in the Knowledge Exchange you learn through sharing with some of the best entrepreneurial minds in Canada.  We surround you with your own board of advisors that becomes your virtual Entrepreneurial Corporation with a variety of leaders offering specific core competencies you will need to transform. Whatever it takes INTERCHANGE will deliver, cost effectively and efficiently through a unique shared cost model. The growth of your company will be intricately planned and managed.
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Without specific, well calculated, creatively designed targets it is more difficult to achieve results. INTERCHANGE specializes in helping entrepreneurial leaders set lofty, but achievable targets.  Being surrounded by a High Performance Team of skilled leaders to help guide you through the process, your chances of success increase significantly. The INTERCHANGE community will bring its experience to bear on your business in a unique cost-sharing environment.  


At INTERCHANGE we pride ourselves on transforming knowledge and ideas into actions that deliver measurable results. We work in a collaborative manner to break the idea into specific actions, deliverables and results. INTERCHANGE has developed its core competency by working shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs that are looking to, and destined to grow. All participating entrepreneurs within our portfolio of companies, have one common goal - Growth!!


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